Basement animals

Let’s face it. We gamers are basement animals. Not trying to sound too judgemental, but the less successful self-developed gamers are probably living in their parents basement. The more successful gamers probably got their own basement.
Being a creative gamer, I worked around the image problem of this site. I edited the html with an img tag that had a src value instead of uploading the image to my own database. Gamers FTW


We don’t like to admit it, but this can often times make us pretty fragile. Basements are endangered to water damages because of their proximity to the buildings pipe system. Water damages to all your technical equipment could potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair, and that is if you even find a firm that is good at repairing stuff like that.
Lucky for you if you live in Norway, I know where you should look. A gamer buddy of mine has a site¬†you should look into. It basically means water damage help dot info, which in my own humble opinion a great domain name if you’re in the business. They will help you find help to fikse vannskader Oslo, Trondheim or Bergen.

The Grand Prize

Look no further than the video below to realize what horrible damages water can do. And realize that there are people who can fix this. They are probably even gamers.